Experience, Not Advice

I recently came across a quote that summarizes my approach in working with business owners on projects. It comes from the organization called EO. It says:

“We don’t give advice; we speak from prior experience,
letting you draw your own conclusions on how to best proceed.”

I’ve been doing what I do for more than a quarter century and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’ve run into many, many different goals, methods, and techniques over the years and have honed them down to what I’ve seen actually work…BUT, I also understand that I work for my client. They hire me to do a job, and that’s what I do.

What does this mean?

Yes, I WILL allow a client to go a different direction from what I suggest. The key here is, I will ALWAYS speak from my experience…then, as the quote says, let them draw their own conclusions on how to best proceed.

I think this makes me a bit unique in my industry, where many times design firms care more about their own vision, or the awards they can “pay” for. That isn’t me…and my clients appreciate it.

If you want advice, ask your friends, if you want experience, contact me today.

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