What Does a Website Cost?

Functionality, services provided and size all influence a site’s final cost.
The awesome websites we design and build start at $12,000. We understand that’s a budget that may be beyond your range, but given our experience and track record (and the fact that we are still 1/2 of what most agencies charge), that’s where we’ve decided to set our line.


How do we figure out what your site will cost?

1) We will first gather information from you regarding:

  • Goals of your new site – is this a redesign? are we building from scratch? what do you want visitors to do once they get there?
  • The functionality you need – do you need to take payments? do you need a private area for your clients? do you need location maps, or event calendars, or a blog?
  • Specific services we are providing – are we doing any copywriting, logo design, photography, video, animation, social media, or SEO for you?
  • Anything you want to share regarding your brand (colors, personality, voice, style or aesthetic).
  • Most often, we’ll ask you to fill out our Website Project Planner that will help guide this discussion (and help you get your thoughts down on paper).

2) Once we’ve asked questions for clarification or offered ideas based on our experience, we will put together a project quote for you. Project quotes typically don’t include hosting fees or any paid plugins your specific use case requires, but we will always discuss those up front so there are no surprises.

3) Usually we require 1/2 of the project cost as a downpayment before we started. Now what? Keeping reading below!


What Are the Steps?

Designing your perfect site requires time and effort…and it’s a collaboration between us as designers/ developers and you as the owner of your business.


1) Design. Using our Website Project Planner as a creative brief, we’ll do our research and put together an initial non-functional design concept. At this stage we are trying to establish the overall look and feel of the site, as well as, how things will be organized. We are less concerned about the actual final content at this point, more focused on the aesthetic. Usually, we’ll begin with your new homepage.

2) Feedback. You’ll provide us feedback that we’ll fine-tune until you’re ready to sign-off on the design. Next, we’ll repeat that process with an inside page(s).

3) Programming. Once you’ve signed-off on the look and feel, we can begin programming. This stage will be guided by the functionality and features you’ve expressed you need for your new site.

4) Gathering content. During the programming phase, we’ll be asking you to provide us whatever content you have for us (or arrange for us to write copy, take photos and/or video and anything else we’ll need for the next phase of the project).

5) Content implementation. When programming is done, we’ll populate/design all the pages based on the content, whether you’ve provided or we’ve created for you. We’ll also add meta tags and page descriptions so search engines start indexing your new site when it’s launched — everything is added with good search engine strategy in mind (SEO).

6) Review. We’ll send you a link so you and your team can review the site and give us any feedback/changes you’d like to see in the content.

7) Training. A time will be set to provide you either in-person or screenshare backend WordPress training so you’ll know everything you need to know to manage your site’s content going forward.

8) Go live! You tell us when you’re ready to go live and we’ll make it happen. We’ve detailed the Go Live Process here if you want the nitty-gritties. IMPORTANT: We’ll help you set up your hosting account and point your domains– everything is set up as YOUR account…so you’ll always have control of your own site and it’s plugins.

9) TELL EVERYONE! Now that you’re live, let everyone know and bask in the glow of their comments. Oh! And leave us a 5-star Google review too!! WOOT!


Chip Thompson Design can make this a smooth process, so give us a shout, we’d love to work with you on your new website!

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