What Does Logo Design Cost?

We have two categories of logo design…simple and complex.


Simple usually consists of the text that makes up your organization name and a logo “mark”…a graphic element that becomes part of your brand. Think Apple, Nike, Red Cross, Pepsi. Simple logo designs start at $800.

Complex usually is more illustrative in nature and takes longer to produce due to its complexity. Think logos for microbreweries where their logo has lots of tiny details like barrels, wheat grains, wagons, etc. Complex logo designs start at $1,200.

Chip Thompson Logo Design

What steps are involved in logo design?

1) We will first listen to your vision for design, colors, etc., asking questions for clarification or offering ideas based on our experience.

2) Next, we will prepare an initial set of concepts (usually 2-3)…if it’s a complex logo, we will likely offer sketched thumbnails before starting to really design. This gives you something to react to, and is the springboard for the next step.

3) Next we revise and polish based on your feedback. While there is not a set limit to “revisions”, we try to be efficient and judicious with these in order to limit them to a reasonable number. We will chat if we seem to be missing the mark.

4) Once the final design is approved, we may tweak the color and then package it up for delivery in the various formats you’ll need. This includes vector versions which can be blown up the size of a building and they stay nice and crisp due to how they are constructed and are also used for embroidery to put your logo on caps and shirts.

Bitmap is the other format (jpg, gif, png). This you will use for anything online like website, email, social media, etc.

We will provide both black and white and color versions in each of the above formats for you.



Many companies also want us to assist them with a Brand Book. This is a guide that outlines your logo, your fonts, your colors and your brand’s “voice”. It’s a great guide anytime you need to share your brand with internal/external sources…think of it as your brand’s “Bible”.

Usually between 6-15 pages, we create brand books for $1,200.

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