Will Google Ever Extend a Call?

Dealing with unwanted robocalls or solicitation calls is a common annoyance. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when receiving calls related to your Google My Business listing, as these might be potential scams. Here’s valuable information about establishing a presence on Google My Business and why you should disregard any calls claiming affiliation with Google.

Unveiling Google My Business

In essence, Google My Business functions as a business directory that’s highly recommended for your engagement. Chances are, you’ve looked up a business on Google and noticed that all the pertinent details are neatly displayed atop the search results – from addresses and operating hours to websites, contact numbers, customer feedback, visuals, and exclusive deals. This comprehensive showcase results from businesses being enlisted in Google My Business. At ASMM Digital, we view Google My Business as your most crucial digital asset.

Imagine it as a facet of the online telephone directory. Just like you wouldn’t want to be omitted from a phone book, the same principle applies here. While you might assume that all the data available on Google My Business is already listed on your website (discoverable via Google search), this inclusion makes information instantly accessible to potential patrons. Moreover, a Google My Business listing can bring you into view even if individuals are searching for your business category (e.g., salon, sports bar, plumbing service) within their postal code – poof! There’s your Google listing.

Creating a Google listing, or even tweaking an existing one, carries no expense and is fairly straightforward to complete. We strongly encourage you to explore our Google My Business course for effective utilization.

Will Google Ever Extend a Call?

In concise terms, no – Google doesn’t initiate calls concerning Google My Business listings. If anyone asserts to be contacting you for that purpose, it’s a safe assumption that they’re swindlers. Moreover, Google abstains from dispatching robocalls and doesn’t impose fees for possessing a Google My Business listing or enhancing your search ranking. The only instances where a Google call might arise is to authenticate or confirm business particulars. Phone calls from Google might also pertain to Google AdWords, Google Play, or other Google offerings. However, these will be personal calls from actual employees, not automated messages.

Action Plan Against These Deceptive Calls

Regrettably, these deceptive calls are tough to halt. Should you receive one, your best recourse is to promptly terminate the call – by refusing dialogue, you impede scammers from progressing.

Over the last half-decade, Google has amassed numerous complaints regarding these robocalls, but since many numbers are untraceable, legal action remains challenging. In 2016, Google did manage to take measures against a specific SEO company that vowed to cease such calls. If you encounter a scam call and desire to notify Google, access https://support.google.com/business to file a report.

You also possess the alternative of having your phone number excluded from robo-call and solicitation lists. Visit https://www.donotcall.gov/ for registration. It’s vital to note, though, that registration with the Federal Trade Commission only blocks calls originating from U.S. call centers. Some of these robocalls are placed from abroad and thus elude such regulations.








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