At Chip Thompson Design, we specialize in designing beautiful websites.

One of the most common questions we receive after releasing your new site to you is “Now how do we get Google to find us?” For years, we’ve not had a great solution but… {drumroll please} NOW WE DO!

Our new project manager, Sara Putters, is not only a rockstar social media manager, she also rocks Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She’s put together an SEO package tailored to brand new websites (like the ones we do here) to get them found in a search query. How’s it work?

Sara has split the process up into three easily-explained launch keys (no techo-babble here). Each key builds on the one before making all three necessary for getting your site found in a Google search.

Before we get into each key, there is one plugin your site needs to make a successful mission. Yoast SEO is the industry standard for backend SEO work. Yoast has both a free and premium subscription. We highly recommend the premium version ($89/year for one site), though either will work just fine!


3…Local SEO

  • Set up FREE Google My Business account (or updating existing account with new URL, new graphics, new keywords)
  • Local keyword research to determine trending keywords in your area as they relate to what your business does

2…On Page SEO

  • Industry specific keyword research to determine which you want to be found on Google for
    Implementing industry specific and local keywords into website copy
  • Optimizing on page content and photos
  • Optimizing Keyphrase, Title Tag, Slug, and Meta Description using keywords

1…Google Search Console & Google Analytics

  • Setup FREE Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts
  • Provide sitemap to Google, tell the Google bots to crawl your new website

LIFTOFF!…with the launch complete, you should start seeing traffic to your website almost immediately, but if not at least within 30-90 days of completion.

This package is all inclusive, available per website. The SEO Launch Pad™ does not include ongoing SEO management, though if you need a referral to an SEO manager please contact Lauren at


Each launch key is included and work will be completed in about two weeks (depending on the size of your website).

  • $650 – Websites with 10-15 pages
  • $900 – Websites with 16-20 pages
  • 21+ pages – Ask for pricing

To get started with your SEO Starter Kit, talk to Chip or Lauren!

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