Marketing Brilliance

At Chip Thompson Design, as we are developing marketing messaging or design, we try to push the boundaries of traditional thinking whenever possible– some call this “thinking outside the box”. The goal is to stand out from all the noise that we are assaulted with in the marketplace every day. We applaud others that use this same philosophy to develop marketing brilliance. Today, I happened across some such brilliance and wanted to share it… in this case, it isn’t about the creative use of graphics or clever copy…it’s the overall concept… BRILLIANT.

As posted on Design Taxi,
By Dorothy Tan, 16 Jan 2014

Disloyalty Card Draws Coffee Drinkers Away From Starbucks & Into Local Cafes

A group of independent coffee shops in Washington D.C. has launched the “DC Disloyalty Card”, which aims to draw coffee drinkers away from Starbucks and into local cafes.

Devised by two baristas, this tongue-in-cheek card is a reaction to Starbucks’ popular loyalty card that gives members perks like free re-fills and food.

Encouraging customers to be unfaithful to the super-chain, the Disloyalty Card attracts them into participating shops with the simple incentive of offering them a free beverage with every six stamps on their card.

Not only does this help to create a more closely knitted local coffee community in the city, it also serves to drive coffee drinkers to try different—and maybe better—brews.


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