IKEA = Brilliance

ikea-emoticonsIKEA is already well know for their unique esthetic in the land of all things furniture. Everything from the the flow of customers through their stores to the ultra-cool way finding graphics and maps to their style in designing and displaying their products…it all demonstrates what I call their “command of brand“™. And it’s brilliant.

Their latest “branding” vehicle is the humble emoticon. Yep… this: 🙂

To quote Design Taxi, “IKEA has created a dictionary of emoticons specially for its products, making the Swedish furniture brand the first major company to propose such a thing.”

They’ve decided to create their own mobile language in a move that will have many, many marketers thinking “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!?!”… and to be sure, it’ll be copied over and over…probably ad naseum from here on out.

In order to introduce the colorful new language, IKEA enough produced a short video that is…well, brilliant.

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