When creativity strikes

Creativity is a funny (and frustrating) thing; it’s been compared appropriately to lightning. Oh, I’m not talking about the day-to-day variety of creativity — bet you didn’t know there were varieties. I’m speaking of the elusive kind that, when it strikes, it surges like a giant wave of awesome. It’s a lightning bolt full of creative passion and energy — and it’s the reason I do what I do. Like RedBull, it give me wings.

I suppose it’s like the euphoria runners get after they’ve run 20 miles and the second wind kicks in. While some aspects of creativity do come natural to many, it’s the initial effort I think that entices that lightning to strike (those first 20 miles) as a lightning rod for creative spark.

I experience this most when I’m stumped on a project. When I literally have no clue where I’m going next. I go through all the mental (and sometimes physical) gyrations, begging for any hint of a direction. Sometimes I attempt to be inspired by the things I find online. But the trend I’ve noticed is that it most often happens in a quiet time, free from distractions or the noise of the day’s regular activities — like when I’m driving, or just waking up early in the morning. It’s quiet…

Then, out of the blue, it strikes with brute force…and it’s the greatest….idea….EVER!!

It happened just this morning, and it was glorious! Now — I just have to be about the task of putting the idea into play, channeling my new found spark into actionable items, designs, processes. And I get to watch it come to life. And if it really was the greatest idea ever, I see the results and smile…

Oh, and start the mental gyrations all over again on the next project.

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