New Website/Logo for Feltz WealthPLAN

On Monday, we launched a brand spanking new site for Feltz WealthPLAN. These guys (and gals) are regularly recognized as the Best of the Best in Omaha (and many of my other clients use them for 401(k) and retirement plan services. Check them out!

Click here to launch the full…

Launch of new website for Tetrad Property Group

Chip Thompson Design was asked to design and develop a website for Tetrad Property Group to showcase the firm’s outstanding portfolio of commercial, retail and residential real estate development. Important to Tetrad was the streamlined overall design of the site and a unique interface for the company’s portfolio gallery.


Diesel Tech Reality Video Series Launched

Concepted, Shot and Launched mini-reality series for Truck Center Companies with the help of Porterfield Content House. This mini-series targets high-school and college students interested in a career in Diesel Technology. Watch a couple of the espidoes right here! To see them all, head over to


New site launched for Heartland Wood Floors

Today, we’ve launched a brand new site for Jackie and the gang over at Heartland Wood Floors. I always get tremendous satisfaction from clients I’ve worked with over the years…and the privilege of building multiple sites as they evolve.

In this case, we redesigned the site to take advantage of…

QR Codes may not be all they are “hacked up” to be

Smart Device Users Beware: Fraud May Be Just a Click Away
You’ve installed anti-virus software to protect your business network and personal computer. You know the signs of phishing scams (including unfamiliar senders, poor grammar and misspelled words). And like most people who use the Internet today, you never open…

Website Process Diagram

Most folks we work with on websites will want to know what the website design/development process is like. Since we’re visual people, we decided to create a visual guide to the website design process. Above the timeline are our responsibilities, below are the clients. While not EVERY project falls…

Brilliant Ad…plus behind the scenes

Every now and then an ad catches our attention. Flawless execution, brilliant concept and tedious attention to detail make them stand out (and no, I’m not talking about Super Bowl commercials). Here is one commercial that falls into brilliance:

Watch the making of here (it’s as cool to watch as…

Three new sites launched this week!

We are always excited to launch new projects… sometimes we get to launch more than one in a given week… this week, we bring you three sites (and one logo):



View more on our portfolio page »

We’ve All Got Opinions

This article by Paul Jarvis (, one of the bloggers I follow regularly, was simply too good not to share:

The web is a funny place.

It touts interactivity, conversation and community-driven iteration as a selling feature. No longer are we satisfied with simply consuming media, we now want to engage…

Marketing Brilliance

At Chip Thompson Design, as we are developing marketing messaging or design, we try to push the boundaries of traditional thinking whenever possible– some call this “thinking outside the box”. The goal is to stand out from all the noise that we are assaulted with in the marketplace every…

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