New video for ASI Aircraft Specialties

This video, created by Porterfield Content House, showcases the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the folks over at ASI Aircraft Specialties, Inc. We created the new brand, logo and website for ASI. Check it out!

Illustrating Data

INFOGRAPHICS are a unique form of design that requires taking abstract data and presenting it in a form that is both visually appealing AND clear to understand (all in a short period of time — the viewer shouldn’t have to “work” to figure it out).

Recently, we launched a direct…

Rolling Canvas

I love when the opportunity arises to work on a “canvas” that isn’t just a computer screen. Recently, I designed vehicle wraps for my friends at Truck Center Companies. The designs also prominently feature the new logo I created for them a while back. It’s always fun to see…

A New Lens and a Mushu

Photography is a relatively new passion for me and I’m having a blast practicing — even in the space of my backyard. I’ve recently acquired a couple of Tamron lenses that I’m really, really happy with. And when practicing, a favorite subject is always one of our two Shihtzus,…

Lip Gloss and Hot Pink Nails!

OK, so I’ll admit, we had a LOT of fun on this site! Jerry at NAGL Manufacturing wanted an over-the-top cool site (with LOTS of neon) and colors that change! We delivered in spades!! We also provided photography and video. 1980s…eat your heart out! Visit the site here »




OK Ring Flash Rocks

I get the privilege of doing photography for many of my clients’ websites. I absolutely love this aspect of my business…and am learning so much each time I do a shoot. Today I’m using Ring Flash for the first time (you’ve probably seen ring flash used in fashion photography…

When creativity strikes

Creativity is a funny (and frustrating) thing; it’s been compared appropriately to lightning. Oh, I’m not talking about the day-to-day variety of creativity — bet you didn’t know there were varieties. I’m speaking of the elusive kind that, when it strikes, it surges like a giant wave of awesome….

Sometimes it’s good to laugh at yourself!

OR, at least laugh at the industry you work in. Marketing… and there’s nothing new under the sun… this video is a great example of just how predictable advertisers can be… the “formula”. Hilarious.

That’s why we strive to break the mold in our approach…predictability in the marketplace means you…

New Location Photos!

Well, the painting is finally done, the pictures are hung, the rockin’ decor is out so it’s time for the reveal of our new design studio! Check it out then schedule a visit…we’d love to see you!

New logo for Give Literacy

The great folks at the Literacy Center of the Midlands asked me to create a logo for their new “Give Literacy” Campaign.

Also designed their website »

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