Blend…ing Together the Best of the Best

Over the past few months, I’ve teamed with Bland’s Jeremy Vokt to develop a new concept for the small-medium sized business owner here in Omaha…it’s called “Blend”. As I’ve helped Bland achieve rockstar status in the Omaha marketplace, it became apparent that part of there great offering to their clients was access their network… banks, financial planners…even IT support and marketing 🙂

So we decide to brand that network in order to further differentiate Bland in the market…thus Blend was born. Blend is a unique resource designed to give the entrepreneur easy access to every professional resource needed to start and grow a successful business. Blend is literally a blend of the best resources available in Omaha to provide you:

Accounting • Banking • Financial • Legal • Technology • Marketing • Media

Look for it at, watch for our billboards and ads in Strictly Business magazine!

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