Proof in the Blog-Pudding

OK, so I am used to getting kind comments from the great people I do design work for. But what is SUPER cool about this latest launch is that I get to see how their clients react in realtime to a site/logo redesign… in the end, that’s the point……

Zoo Trip July 2014

I love taking photos of animals… so the zoo is one of my favorite places (and Omaha happens to have one of the best zoos on the planet)! Here are photos from our recent visit. enjoy!

OK…so what happens after go live?

The majority of the work we do here is design and build websites (we do lots of other things too, it’s just that web work accounts for the largest portion of how we serve our clients). In this post, we’ll look at what happens behind the scenes after we…

New Video Series Launched for Bland

We started a new video series for Bland & Associates, P.C. today…

As a new regular feature on Bland’s website, we will be building our BlandVision Video Series resource section covering various topics about their firm, the state of the economy, new happenings and accounting topics.

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