A New Lens and a Mushu

Photography is a relatively new passion for me and I’m having a blast practicing — even in the space of my backyard. I’ve recently acquired a couple of Tamron lenses that I’m really, really happy with. And when practicing, a favorite subject is always one of our two Shihtzus,…

Lip Gloss and Hot Pink Nails!

OK, so I’ll admit, we had a LOT of fun on this site! Jerry at NAGL Manufacturing wanted an over-the-top cool site (with LOTS of neon) and colors that change! We delivered in spades!! We also provided photography and video. 1980s…eat your heart out! Visit the site here »




OK Ring Flash Rocks

I get the privilege of doing photography for many of my clients’ websites. I absolutely love this aspect of my business…and am learning so much each time I do a shoot. Today I’m using Ring Flash for the first time (you’ve probably seen ring flash used in fashion photography…

When creativity strikes

Creativity is a funny (and frustrating) thing; it’s been compared appropriately to lightning. Oh, I’m not talking about the day-to-day variety of creativity — bet you didn’t know there were varieties. I’m speaking of the elusive kind that, when it strikes, it surges like a giant wave of awesome….

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