Sometimes it’s good to laugh at yourself!

OR, at least laugh at the industry you work in. Marketing… and there’s nothing new under the sun… this video is a great example of just how predictable advertisers can be… the “formula”. Hilarious.

That’s why we strive to break the mold in our approach…predictability in the marketplace means you…

New Location Photos!

Well, the painting is finally done, the pictures are hung, the rockin’ decor is out so it’s time for the reveal of our new design studio! Check it out then schedule a visit…we’d love to see you!

New logo for Give Literacy

The great folks at the Literacy Center of the Midlands asked me to create a logo for their new “Give Literacy” Campaign.

Also designed their website »

New Website/Logo for Feltz WealthPLAN

On Monday, we launched a brand spanking new site for Feltz WealthPLAN. These guys (and gals) are regularly recognized as the Best of the Best in Omaha (and many of my other clients use them for 401(k) and retirement plan services. Check them out!

Click here to launch the full…

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